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Visualize Your World: Data Analytics 2017 Tour

10 – 6pm, Thursday 12th October

Join Perfect Image and more than 300 of your peers on 12th October in London to explore the latest innovations in data analytics.

Perfect Image is a valued sponsor of Qlik’s flagship event which includes interactive sessions with expert guest speakers, and dedicated customer case studies from Rentokil-Initial, Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Lloyds of London, JLL and many more. All focussed on delivering greater insight and innovation from your data.

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Qlik’s CTO Anthony Deighton will also be showcasing how the relationships between people, data and technology are driving a new wave of analytics that deliver true business value.

We look forward to meeting you there.

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[Webinar] Qlik & Alteryx

10am, Friday 20th October

Without an innovative Business Intelligence platform, each stage of data analytics – from information gathering, to interrogation and reporting – can be a tedious struggle that takes time away from the discovery of meaningful insight.

Extracting data from a range of sources can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Data blending can be inefficient, with data enrichment and cleansing adding further levels of complexity. More basic visualisation tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, can only provide basic tools to help with this process, with anything complex requiring advanced scripting skills.

Qlik & Alteryx: The Next Level of Data Analytics

Alteryx is a data extraction, manipulation and advanced analytical tool that uses drag and drop workflows which can output data into Qlik’s clear, intuitive, self-serviced dashboards.

This combination offers many benefits, including:

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If you want to learn how to transform the time your data analysts spend on extracting and blending data, into time spent shaping and interrogating data to acquire invaluable Business Intelligence for evidence-based decision making, register for our webinar now!

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