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Alteryx and Power BI

Alteryx and Power BI solutions free your business users from the legacy model for analytics and let them get the information they need to make better decisions—without waiting days or even weeks. With Alteryx and Power BI, your business users can gather the data they need from multiple sources, perform advanced analytics, and discover and disseminate the results to other decision-makers across the organisation.

Using Advanced Analytics to Fuel Business Discovery

With Alteryx and Power BI you can gather, consolidate, visualise and analyse data and share your discoveries with every decision maker in your organisation.

Gather data from multiple sources using an intuitive workflow

If you’re making critical business decisions today, you never rely on a single data source to provide the foundation of your analysis. Rather, you pull together data from multiple, and often incompatible, sources—social media, POS data, RSS feeds, CRM data, and more—that enable you to construct a complete picture of your business problem and make the most accurate decisions possible. This is no simple task, and one that is even more difficult in today’s increasingly fluid and changing business environment.

Until now. With Alteryx, gathering the right data from multiple sources for analysis is easier and faster than ever before. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, you can pull together all the data you need to make your business decisions, in a single location. No more waiting for IT specialists or statistical experts to do it for you. In Alteryx, you can easily revise your data to reflect business changes and current market dynamics. What’s more, thanks to the Power BI connector tool in Alteryx, you can output directly into Power BI, enabling easy integration and faster business discovery.

Alteryx and Power BI

Create powerful, advanced analytics in the same workflow

Even when you finally have the relevant dataset in your hands, it’s not enough. Some business decisions simply cannot be made without powerful, advanced spatial or predictive analytics to cut through the clutter and provide true clarity into the business problem. In the past, getting advanced analytical capabilities required multiple different tools and complicated coding. But in today’s business environment, you don’t have that kind of time or money to waste.
With Alteryx, you can quickly make your data more meaningful and create the powerful analytics you need—including spatial and predictive analytics in a single, easy-to-use tool and a simple workflow.

Alteryx Workflow

You can then deliver these results directly into Power BI for use across the organisation. It’s easy to add advanced predictive analytics capabilities, such as segmentation, regression, and testing, as well as include spatial and location-based data, to any analytic workflow, enabling you not only to understand where events are taking place but also to make location specific decisions.

With Alteryx and Power BI, you can:


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