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With rapidly decreasing budgets and increasing demand, there has never been a better time to implement a Business Intelligence solution architected by Perfect Image to bring together disparate departments and optimise systems for the best patient care possible. 

As certified Healthcare industry experts, we understand that organisations have struggled for years with the increasing amount of data they now have access to. On one hand, this can be essential information that can encourage your organisation’s development. On the other hand, it can be incredibly time-consuming to extract data from a variety of disparate sources, blend incompatible or clashing data, and then create reports that only offer basic insight. However, with the right Business Intelligence solution, this abundance of data can be extremely valuable and provide actionable insight into your patients, staff, productivity, and even your organisation’s future.

Just 6% of healthcare organisations describe themselves as digital-first, compared to an average of 11% across other industries. This needs to change – and it will. Research has predicted that the global healthcare data analytics market will grow at an annual rate of 15.56% until at least 2021.


Why does the Healthcare industry need Business Intelligence?

We offer a wide range of data analytics tools that can be integrated into your current systems, and you can be guaranteed it will be the best option for your organisation and optimised to fit your requirements. Perfect Image will tailor your solution, and when it has been implemented, provide long-term support and guidance. Become a forward-thinking healthcare organisation and stop relying on gut instinct; ensure important decision are based on facts and demonstrable evidence to give them a better chance of succeeding.


The Benefits of Business Intelligence for Healthcare


Completely understand your healthcare organisation – from patients to employees

Easy-to-use advanced analytics such as Geo-Mapping and predictive analytics means you can discover completely new information that you have never been able to see or use before. Perfect Image can create dashboards that display exactly how each department is performing based on whether KPIs are met such as with patient care, quality, clinical, performance, financial and many more. Based on this your organisation can find determine the best methods of improvement for the future.


A full view of financials to reduce costs

We understand that budgets are continually shrinking while demand rises. With an in-depth understanding of patient-level costing and service line reporting with just a few clicks, you can effectively plan costs and manage budgets short and long term. Find out exactly where the budget is going and why, and where it should be focused in the future, with a self-service BI platform. Embedded analytics can be incorporated into your own healthcare applications to extend the functionality of data analytics to fit your exact business needs.


Ensure security and confidentiality of data

Various new laws are implemented every year, and so it has never been more important to ensure that all data and information is kept secure and that systems are protected by a robust security system. We can tailor solutions so that healthcare organisations can work collaboratively in a secure environment with data governance, the protection of sensitive data, and safe methods of sharing data, by controlling access for staff or commissioners, and guaranteed ongoing support with security issues from Perfect Image.


Easy-to-understand visualisations of information

Allow your healthcare professionals at-a-glance reports and dynamic, interactive visualisations. This saves their time from administrative tasks to focus on patient care. Gain a visibility into patient activity, resource scheduling, procedural bottlenecks and stock levels. Mobile solutions mean that your staff have full visibility even on-the-go. Empower your staff to access vital real-time data to enable them to make informed decisions.


Rapid and meaningful results that are actionable

Mid-sized hospitals have on average over 20 disparate systems, each with their own vast amounts of daily financial, clinical and operational data. A Business Intelligence platform means no longer accepting tedious processes with delayed results reserved for month end only; it is now available at any time with just the click of a button. Ad hoc reporting and real-time analysis is also a necessity, required to ensure progression. View current and historical data and learn how to improve in order to attain operational, quality of care and patient safety key performance indicators.


What Perfect Image can do

Perfect Image are experts in the delivery of valuable Healthcare data analytics to deliver the best solution possible. We are certified Qlik Healthcare specialists and have a wealth of experience in implementing tailored Business Intelligence solutions that truly add value to our clients, and as end-to-end IT service providers, we can implement BI tools with a range of pre-existing or new licences for a solution that spans the whole organisation to enhance every area. We also have skilled BI experts who can provide workshops and training to support your organisation if required.

Perfect Image has worked for many years in Healthcare to deliver the best solutions possible. We are certified Qlik Healthcare specialists as we were able to demonstrate the experience, expertise and knowledge required to attain this top-tier certification. From our wealth of experience, we know exactly what is required when it comes to guaranteeing a rapid return on investment for the solution, and how it can continue to deliver results and prove its worth.

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What can I do now?

Read our Bromley Healthcare case study

Discover how Bromley Healthcare implemented Qlik and grew by 22% in just six years. Qlik allows them to be more proactive, to utilise advanced analytics to plan for the future in a data-driven way, and their information team is 20% more productive.

Bromley Healthcare’s Head of Performance says, “For the big long wish list that we had, Qlik brought everything to the table and that for us was really important… Our Chief Executive says it is transformational, and I tend to agree. For clinical services we’ve been able to build reports that help the services manage their delivery of patient care on a daily basis.”

Read the full case study here.

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