Higher Education

Higher Education

Qlik, Microsoft & Alteryx solutions in HE undertaken by Perfect Image have brought benefits across all university departments and faculties to increase insights and reduce the burden on IT of compiling numerous static reports.

Perfect image has some of the UK’s most technologically innovative Higher Education (HE) institutions as clients.

Qlik, Microsoft & Alteryx solutions have brought great value to these clients in a variety of faculties, schools and organisational business functions via the power of intuitive dashboards, advanced analytics, flexibility and ease of deployment.

Examples of areas HE organisations have benefited from QlikView, Qlik Sense, Power BI & Alteryx implementations include:

Perfect Image has identified a common need in HE that Qlik, Power BI & Alteryx can address: student enrolment. The market to recruit students is as lucrative as it is competitive. Consequently, universities are spending ever-increasing amounts to ensure they attract and retain the best students. Marketing departments must ensure their campaigns are accurate, cost effective and can demonstrate true ROI. Perfect Image has utilised Qlik, Microsoft & Alteryx products in order to build applications focused on the student enrolment process that can assist HE institutions gain greater insight into their enrolments processes and enable them to maximise their student recruitment marketing activities.

These solutions have provided a greater impact and ROI than traditional business intelligence (BI) stack systems.

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