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Nexus - from days to just minutes for discovering actionable insights

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  • Without sounding too gushing, the potential of the system for what we can use it for is almost is unlimited. We can do as much with it as we would like, and we are capable of doing it.
    David Skaife, Analytics Manager
    Middlesbrough Council
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  • We’re saving a lot of time compared to how we used to do things, the data is just there instantly. Because we are more efficient we’re going to be able to do a lot more interesting analysis that we simply didn’t have the time to do previously.
    Toni Taylor, Director of Research Operations
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  • We monitor our action plans to reduce our claims, or increase sales, or have intelligent conversations between operations and marketing. It’s far easier to have those conversations if they're data driven and if you're all looking at the same thing. It’s driving business benefit in the decisions it allows us to make.
    Rick Houghton, General Manager of IT
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  • With Qlik we’re saving an enormous amount of time… It gives people the information that they need to run the business. From my point of view as IT manager, it frees up my department’s time to look at more value added projects… The thing that made [Perfect Image] different was I’d used [them] before. I felt comfortable dealing with Perfect Image.
    John Tinkler, IT Manager
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  • We’re starting to put useful and meaningful information out into the Open Data arena for the residents of Calderdale and beyond… All this allows us to work toward our ambitions knowing that Perfect Image are focused on working with us to ensure we are successful.
    Paul Swallow, Lead Business Intelligence Officer
    Calderdale Council
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  • When we need Perfect Image, they’re there. We’ve worked with different people in the team now and we get the same level of service and expertise so we’re very happy… For our executive and senior management team instead of getting that monthly, after the event reporting, [with Qlik] they’re getting it at any point they like during the month.
    Sam Tomlinson, Head of Performance
    Bromley Healthcare
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  • The self-serve capability is where we’re at now with [Qlik] - that’s its biggest benefit. It’s interactive, it makes people feel as though they’re in control, and it makes you want to look more... When we first got Qlik, Perfect Image helped us, advising us about where we weren’t using it to its full potential. Rather than feeling like I’m just a client and Perfect Image is the provider, it feels much more of a collaboration.
    Alex Finkel, Business Intelligence Manager
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