Qlik & Alteryx solutions bring huge business value to retail organisations and wholesale distribution companies.

Perfect Image has a wealth of experience in implementing Business Intelligence solutions in the retail sector and has developed its very own Perfect Image retail apps based upon this experience.

At Perfect Image, we understand that retail sector has undergone enormous change, and how important it is for retailers to adapt to this constantly evolving industry. Retailers must now not just meet the new demands of multi-channel retailing, but exceed them and be in control of every aspect of the business in order to give the consumer a seamless experience. To do this, easy-to-understand meaningful business intelligence (BI) solutions are a necessity for all stakeholders. The Perfect Image retail QlikView and Qlik Sense apps allow omni-channel retailers with large volumes of transactions and touch points to understand customer behaviours, identify product demands and accurately plan sourcing, procurement, supply chain, and day-to-day operations.

Skyrocketing Customer Expectations

Even as recently as five years ago, businesses primarily competed with price. Now, customers expect the best service, delivery, availability and price. For omni-channel retailers, having a cohesive view of each aspect of the business from the warehouse to shelf, is a necessity. The customer expects a seamless experience however they choose to interact with the retailer, whether that is online, in an app or in-store.

Understand your Current and Potential New Customers

Customer-centric businesses are the future and understanding your customers’ behaviours through BI has never been easier, or more beneficial. Perfect Image can help you to become reactive to insights by predicting future trends, forecasting seasonal fluctuations, and understanding customer habits. This includes how they respond to promotions, incentives and even external factors like location and the weather, to help you stay ahead of your competition. Stock must be analysed and monitored at all times to ensure order fulfilment is rapid and convenient for the customers. Intelligently attract potential new customers by responding to trends in real-time data for immediate enhanced decision making.


Perfect Image continues to work with major retail businesses to provide bespoke applications specific to their business needs, which include;

How Perfect Image Can Help

We work alongside retailers to find out not just what your company wants, but what your company needs to succeed. Each function of a retail company must be equally strong in order to succeed; from logistics and distribution, to merchandising, to marketing, to customer insight.

Perfect Image can work with your business to give you a single, cohesive view of your whole company, to boost efficiency and profit. With the help of QlikView and Qlik Sense apps, we can help to bring all of your company’s Big Data into easy-to-understand visualisations that cut through the noise.

Empower Employees

Help your employees with enriched decision making by allowing them real-time data and self-serviced reporting.  Compare the reports from all of your locations against each other to identify trends that can help your company with stock management. Discover which products should be boosted, promoted, or delisted. Determine the best discounts for different locations, times of the year, and products and become more responsive. We can help you to create a single view of the customer, to help stores with the management of inventory and orders to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Enhance Every Stage of the Retail Process

Each link in the supply chain should be equally as strong. With minimal effort, BI solutions can assist with viewing meaningful insight across all channels and locations. Easily discover vital information including product demand, sales trends, and promotion success. Ultimately, how best to minimise margins and maximise profitability.

The Perfect Image retail apps provide business leaders, managers and employees with up-to-date, accurate, powerfully visual macro-information and additionally the ability to interrogate this ‘big-data’ down to a highly detailed transitional level through advanced analytics. Platforms can be utilised to allow full visibility of the supply chain, to tell you what is and isn’t working in your business.

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