TimeXtender Overview

One of the world’s most popular and widely used Data Warehouse Automation tools – and Perfect Image is here to help.

Do you wish there was a quicker and easier way of designing and managing a modern data warehouse, without seeking the specialist skills traditionally required?

Do you have more than one payroll and ERP system, but it’s hard to bring all that data together as all systems work independently from each other?

Do you find yourself doubting the reliability and accuracy of data, and wondering whether it is compliant?

TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub™ uses powerful Data Warehouse Automation so you have the ability to effortlessly access, model, and govern data.

Accurate, secure data that you can trust

With a single version and source of truth, there are significantly less risks of data quality issues with one centralised data source. Perfect Image can bring all your systems together in a secure and beneficial way into TimeXtender to ensure the data you report on is as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

Easily access the data you need, when you need it

Self-service, drag-and-drop analytics means accessing and governing data is easier than was ever imaginable before with traditional data centre management.

Data governance and lineage of your BI, reporting and analytics architecture

Automatically document what data you hold and where; trace where your data has come from and where it’s used; understand who has access to your data; and anonymize personally identifiable information.

Take advantage of time-saving automation

Automate all processes from data retrieval, transformation, deployment, to generation of project documentation. Perfect Image can help you to choose and automate any tasks that possibly can be.

Rapidly explore all data for more successful decision making

42% of data-backed business decisions need to be made within just one day. Enable data analysts and management level employees to understand and interrogate data in much less time than ever before.

TimeXtender with Front-End Visualisation Tools

If you already use Qlik or Microsoft Power BI then your business is in a good position to take advantage of a powerful combination of BI tools. Connecting TimeXtender with these technologies means you have a full BI process, from start to finish, that is compliant, governed, and accurate.

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